Interlink supports ongoing training and collaboration


Interlink Training Dissemination Services are a collection of innovative, professional, web-based applications and services that support academic and research training and collaboration. Interlink provides all organizational, videotaping, database management, website production, and website hosting functions needed to support the services outlined in this website.


The making of Interlink


3-C_ISD_LogoInterlink services are provided by 3-C Technologies, a division of 3-C Institute for Social Development (3-C ISD). 3-C ISD is a research and development company that conducts research in the behavioral sciences and develops evidence-based programs and web-based applications that promote positive social-emotional health.


Interlink services were developed in part by contracts from the National Institute of Mental Health (HSSN 278200443100C, HSSN 271200774100C, HSSN 43MH32060, HSSN 278200444060C, and N43MH32060).


Download the Interlink flyer.


The research behind Interlink


In a longitudinal study, we compared knowledge acquisition and retention, career progress, and website use for (1) trainees who attended live training workshops and had access to the training website developed by Interlink, and (2) those who had access only to the training website.


In both groups, knowledge and skills improved between the pre-test and 9-month follow-up. Likewise, professional activities and confidence levels in career-related areas increased in both groups. Additionally, both groups found website features such as presentations, interviews, and peer collaboration tools to be valuable and rated Interlink services highly on a number of measures.


Learn more about the study and its findings in the whitepaper, Interlink: The Development of Web-based Dissemination of Training for Researchers.


Services customized to meet your needs


Since Interlink services are customized to meet the needs of each client, the cost of these services varies widely, depending on the services selected, the degree of complexity and customization, and the timeframe for the project. 


If you’re interested in Interlink services, please complete our service request form to provide us with some basic information about your project, and we’ll contact you to learn more and provide a quote.


Other services provided by 3-C Technologies


Housed under 3-C ISD’s 3-C Technologies division, Interlink is part of a suite of sophisticated web-based resources and applications to support research, training, and program implementation, including:


  • Centervention, an online system that promotes successful outcomes for evidence-based programs by streamlining and facilitating the implementation process.
  • Surveier, a secure, user-friendly online survey system designed by researchers for researchers.
  •, a searchable online collection of 1,000+ free resources—including interviews with experts, presentations, and courses—to help you navigate the many challenges of conducting research.


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