Interlink networking tools build a sense of online community and provide tools for sharing documents and ideas. Interaction between faculty and trainees is essential for effective training.
Topical Discussion Boards
Threaded discussions with the ability to post comments, add new discussion topics, and receive email alerts and RSS feeds for postings based on user preferences.
Collaborative Workspace
File sharing network that fosters collaboration (e.g., grant writing, publications) among faculty and trainees within a program. Documents can be uploaded and downloaded for ease of sharing. The network can be accessed from any location by authorized users and revisions are tracked for edited versions of documents. When multiple people are working on a project together, use of the collaborative workspace eliminates the confusion that repeated emailing of documents creates.
Searchable community-wide knowledge base (e.g., procedures, timelines, relevant links, useful documents) specific to a training program. Members of the community can edit and add to this knowledge base (with prior versions automatically saved and authors identifiable) so that information is continually updated and maintained for accuracy.
Ask the Expert Help Desk
Ability for trainees to consult with faculty in their training program through text-based questions submitted via the website. Faculty are listed with their particular areas of expertise (e.g., IRB, HR, grant funding, networking), and trainees can email them questions through the help desk. Faculty responses are sent directly to the trainee as well as posted to a searchable archive on the website.
Newsletter Template
Forum for program staff to communicate efficiently with a group of trainees, conference attendees, or other designated group. Templates are customized for each training program, and newsletters can be sent via e-mail and posted on the website.