Interlink's integrated suite of web-based services extends the reach of your academic and research training. Interlink staff will capture every element of your training event and use state-of-the-art technology to adapt the content into online multimedia formats.

Text-based Q&As
Q&As offer training in a question-and-answer format that focuses on discrete training topics, such as how to retain subjects or how to create a project timeline.
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Video Quick Tips
Quick Tips are short video clips derived from face-to-face interviews with faculty or other experts that provide brief, to-the-point information on specialized topics. Quick Tips offer fully searchable transcripts and downloadable MP3 audio.
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Interactive PDFs
To view an example, visit the SCoRE website and click on the instructor manual or student course book sample.
Video Presentations
Full-length presentations include video, audio, slides, and transcribed text in an innovative online format. Presentations can vary in length from several minutes to multiple hours in duration. To view an example, click on "Play" below.
Online Training Courses
In-depth training courses consist of video presentations, interactive features, and quizzes and tests, all organized by chapter. Trainees can earn continuing education (CE) credit in multiple disciplines. All course content is searchable on your web site.
Each training course is listed in an easy to use course catalog, complete with course description, presenter profile, prerequisites, and CE credit information (if applicable).
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Taking a Course
Courses are organized into a chapter outline and are available in any Interlink presentation format, including full video presentations with synchronized slides and transcripts. Trainees can select their preference for video, graphical, audio, or text delivery to best suit their learning style.
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Interactive Features
Interlink courses contain online training elements to provide interactivity with the content, faculty, and other trainees. Interlink staff can create custom interactive components that exceed the capabilities of in-person and traditional training methods.
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Tests & Quizzes
Periodic quizzes embedded in the course increase the level of engagement with the content and reinforce training objectives. An end-of-course test verifies that the objectives have been met by trainees. Test questions are randomly pulled from a bank of questions for that course, with different question sets on retakes and instructional feedback on missed answers.
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Upon completion of the final test, trainees may be awarded optional CE credit from any of several disciplines. Certificates are easily printed and available for future retrieval in accordance with the regulations of each participating CE crediting agency.
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Online Training Curricula
An online training curriculum emulates an in-person, multi-session training course that extends over a period of time. An online syllabus lists the training components (e.g., courses, presentations, other materials) required to complete the curriculum and guides users through sequential completion of the curriculum. In addition to the required elements, e-training curricula typically include supplemental materials such as Quick Tips and Q&As.
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